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Long time, no seeUpdates

Posted by Tristan Lundsten Tue, December 04, 2012 20:25:56

Well... As usual there's been delays, but now the real recording of the album is initiated. Everything was supposed to be done at the end of the year, but I guess we're talking maybe june 2013. Maybe March, maybe December. Who knows? Who cares?

Well... As usual we don't care, at leastsmiley How we will release our album is still unknown, but personally I doubt we will go for the CD format. That is, I hope we won't...

This blog is written by someone who hardly knows what "blog" means, so don't whine about rare updates.

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Posted by Tristan Lundsten Sat, July 14, 2012 21:59:05

..first rehersal in a while went down today.
It went better than we hoped. Now all the new tunes are pretty much nailed down tighth. My suggestion for a concert this year was voted "nay", but maybe someday.

Thats all, you cunts


Posted by Tristan Lundsten Wed, June 06, 2012 08:51:51

Bor du i Norge/ if you live in Norway:


Early may 2012Updates

Posted by Tristan Lundsten Sat, May 05, 2012 11:34:34

O.K, let's go!
Since the previous updates, we have been recording new tunes. This time we are working from home, because of studio costs and because we CAN. We could need some more equipment, but so far, so good.

Angstkrieg turns out to be one of the CURSED bands. One step forward, two steps back... Accidents and diseases follow us around like obedient dogs. As soon as one recovers, the other one falls - but we get back up and continue the march. Hopefully we will have a full album done by the end of this year. Pre-recording should be done by the end of this month.

Will you be able to buy it, you ask? Well, at least via this page, but we have not made any distribution deals yet. Still haven't advertised our 2010 EP more than on FaceBook, really. Many of you follow Ricky Paskets YouTube tribute, but we have not tried to get anyone to actually BUY the CD... Are we stupid? I guess we just don't care... We do what we do, but not to make money. Actually we are spending a LOT more than we earn, so a commercial band would have said $top years ago. Maybe we'll get a manager or something to try and break even, at least.

That's all for today

Yours truely,

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Gammelt nyttUpdates

Posted by Tristan Lundsten Sat, May 05, 2012 11:06:16

This is the "updates" list that used to be on the frontpage, i.o.w. old news:


Entry #6: First rehersal in aprox. three months went well today. Haircuts & bandages.

Entry #5: Accident prone...

Entry #4: Some partying, rehersals and new lyrics, even though time is scarce... Buy our stuff so we don't have to work! Well, just had to write something because of todays date. Tristan, 11.11.11.

Entry #3: A new vacation has arrived. Gape Horn (say it fast) had to go partying in the U.S.A, so no rehersals for a couple of weeks. Carrington is on top of a mountain somewhere, Predator and I are trapped in the cosmos - all over the place, i.o.w. The new songs are.. Well, let's wait until you hear them... Tristan, 10.10.11

Entry #2: Vacation has passed, and ANGSTKRIEG is back on track!

Todays date: 11.08.2011.

Entry #1: The year started with disease and lots of delay on our upcoming album, but the rehersal-rate is now doubled to catch up with lost time. New song sketches have been recorded in Gape Horn's home studio with programmed drums, and things are going swimingly. Lyrics and riffs are still being processed, but something strange is coming, for sure. The EP - still for sale - had lyrics dealing with rather personal, yet still continuing main european/ american distansation from nature + medical practises to keep the lies true and weaken the strong. The lyrics were written in retrospect, loosely based on own experiences. New lyrics will have a different angle, which rhymes with strangle.
All members will contribute musically in the future, and I know some of the men have lyrics burning in their pockets, too.

Neseblod Records, who sell our self-released EP, also helped us (finally) getting a
T-shirt made. Maybe some buttons & patches next time? Writing this it's july 2011.

Todays date: 18.07.2011.